Impact Center

VIB's Social Impact Center was established to prevent and reduce the impact of violence by addressing immediate and basic needs: housing, food, clothing, and public safety for the disenfranchised residents of the City of Boston.

Expected Outcomes:

 -Reduction in recidivism

 -Reduction in homelessness

 -Reduction of BPS students & families experiencing food insecurity

 -Improvement in mental health among residents

 -Reduction of health disparities in communities of color

Located less than a mile away from Cleary Square, our newly renovated 4,000 square foot Impact Center will serve the inner city community in the following ways. 


Safestay will be the central program of VIB. Residents, who lose housing, require temporary housing until they find a more permanent solution. Safestay will partner with hotel chains, such as Extended Stay, or with private housing clients. Safestay may also be provided to victims of violence to ensure their safety until they feel safe to return to their homes.

Back Pack 68

 Back Pack 68 was designed to address the poverty within the BPS system. We provide Non-Perishable items to those students who are impacted most by poverty with 68 hours worth of food because there is 68 hours from lunch time Friday - Monday morning when breakfast is served. To some these are the only meals that they are able to have so we fill in the gap which is the weekend. Back pack 68 will grow and continue to provide food to those who need it. By partnering with local supermarkets, catering companies, and utilizing VIB’s established Back Pack 68 network and processes. Furthermore, VIB plans to provide a weekend meal service for qualifying families.


 Transcend will provide prevention and survivorship outreach activity to help victims and regions that require preventive efforts. We will train outreach staff to work with victims and in places where preventive measures need to be deployed.

Healing Space

The healing space will be an open community resource for any individual to enter in and practice healing in their desired style.

Mental Health Services

 VIB will become a one-stop-shop for comprehensive victim services. The plan is to provide any resident, who experiences any form of violence, the ability to walk in and obtain all required assistance from VIB staff.

Microsoft Certification

With the help of third party partnerships, individuals will have the opportunity to take workshops to become Microsoft Certified.

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Podcast Studio

 With the help of Certified Engineers we will provide podcasting classes for our clients. Along with recording studio space for those individuals who use music as a theraputic release. All while teaching them the ins and outs of how the process is completed from start to finish.

After-school Tutoring

We will also have certfied teachers and professionals that will volunteer their services to help our clients with school based work, resume building and job readiness skills if needed.

Join a Social Impact Team!

Tell your friends and family about what is happening in our communities. Encourage them to join an impact team, call their elected officials, show up for hearings. Hold our city accountable. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now and make an impact!


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