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VIB was established with $1,000 in 2017. Since the work began in 2009, it has been privately, personally, and crowdfunding all activities, with no financial assistance from government agencies or officials. In order to scale up the work - necessary due to the increase in violence survivorship, it is evident that VIB must partner with governing bodies in order to redress the hidden burden resulting from violence exposure. Through this partnership, Monica will lead VIB in becoming a one-stop-shop for comprehensive victim services. The plan is to provide any resident, who experiences any form of violence, the ability to walk in and obtain all required assistance from VIB staff.

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We Fill in The Gaps

"Poverty is punishment for a crime you didn't commit."


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Rev. Liz Walker

City of Boston Mayor

Martin J. Walsh

Tito Jackson

Rev. Willie Bodrick

Adrian & Alexis Major

Caritas Communities (Housing)

Mass General Gun Violence Prevention Unit (Health Equity)

Fair Housing and Equity (City of Boston)

Kilra Hynton

Children’s Hospital, Amanda Stewart (Health Equity)

MassHousing Director of Public Safety,

Thaddeus Miles

ABCD Sexual Health- Irvienne Goldson (Health Equity)

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